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П'ятниця, 25 червня 2021 року

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"THE INTERNATIONAL CYBERSECURITY LEAGUE" - is bringing together top-level professionals in the field of applied analytics in cybersecurity, cyber defense, counterterrorism, personal data protection, digital economy development and functioning (both in Ukraine and in other countries).

OUR MISSION: is in uniting citizens to exercise and protect their rights and freedoms, to satisfy, protect and pursue their legitimate common interests and the rights of their members in the field of cybersecurity, cyber defense, protection of personal data.

OUR OBJECTIVE: is exercise and protection of rights and freedoms, satisfaction of public, including economic, social, cultural and other interests in the field of cybersecurity, including combating cyber terrorism and information wars, protection of personal data.


Public activity:

In order to attract growing attention of the public as well as governmental agencies and commercial companies to cybersecurity challenges, the League organizes and conducts seminars, lectures, conferences, expert discussions, roundtables, information campaigns, media appearances, it engages to interact with national and foreign public organizations, international NGOs in cyber security and cyber defense.


The League performs applied analytical researches in the field of cybersecurity and cyber defense.

The League`s Experts team is working on the release of application guides which cover key cybersecurity issues in Ukraine and worldwide.

Comprehensive advise:

The League brings cyber security issues to the attention of experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

The League assists individuals and organization which seek help to select a qualified team of experts with the professional skills, implementation experience and resources needed to address specific problems.

The League's experts apply both their own unique practices and modern cybersecurity solutions aimed to identify threats as well as to elaborate effective methods of counteracting them.