• Helps to conduct cyber audit of the enterprise (company, bank)
    • Helps to develop a cyber defense\ cyber security system for an enterprise (company, bank).

The League develops technologies that allow a bank (company) to conduct cyber-audit and erect a cyber defense system to protect its organization. This kind of work does not require the transmission of information containing commercial (banking) secrets. Carrying out cyber-audit and developing a cybersecurity and cyber defense system enables:

  • to meet the requirements of the national regulator and international standards;
  • to spare company/ bank resources, including financial (of clients and counterparties);
  • to get the opportunity and optimal terms to arrange a business cyber insurance;
  • to evaluate the reliability, integrity and efficiency of how information processes and cyber security of a bank (company) are managed;
  • to improve the reputation and market attractiveness of banks (companies);
  • to monitor and evaluate the risks of the business on a regular basis, keeping in mind the goals of the business;
  • to effectively identify the most critical business risks and to reduce the likelihood of their implementation;
  • to effectively develop, implement, and test business recovery plans;
  • to find a cost-effective way to build and maintain a cybersecurity system, to meet corporate standards of business security;
  • to develop an efficient information security policy and to ensure its competent performance;


      • To develop comprehensive security systems for organizations.

    This business dimension includes several areas and embraces an enterprise level security analysis, management and personnel (HR) consulting, informational and legal support. The salient feature of our product lies in the fact that its complex implementation of the whole set of measures aimed to ensure security – starting from identification of loop holes in the existing security system up to developing practice-supported mechanisms of threat leveling and threat prevention.

      • To develop an organization's personal data security system,
      • To conduct applied research "Information Wars: ways to identify and counteract them"

    Another salient feature of our product is that the research topic is developed by expert methods only by high skilled practitioners, who ensure that reports and forecasts fit 90-95% to virtual indicators. Our unique threat identification techniques not only provide means how to identify key players of infowars, but also offensive counter-measures.

      • To examine counterparties, partners and competitors whether they resort to unfair competition by utilizing dishonest informational methods (rumors, dissemination of false information, etc.)

    We ensure receiving up-to-date information on the topic under consideration, as well as information on real "paymasters" of actions related to unfair competition, methods, channels, costs, etc. used. - To identify and address the source of organization`s confidential data leaks Priority is given to electronic leakage channels (hacker actions, resilience of electronic resources, site, work network), as well as to identifying potential insiders and recipients of sensitive information. - To conduct applied research "Methods of counteracting information and cyber attacks in Ukraine" These studies are based on the researches how cyber attacks were performed worldwide and their specific features detected in Ukraine. The applied solutions to counteract inforwars are based on state-of-the-art techniques in research approaches globally. - To conduct evaluation of errors most commonly made by personnel which trigger information loss The main purpose of the proposed research is to reveal the "most in demand "channels of unintentional confidential info leakage and put in place effective tools to address the problem. The research covers areas like operating systems (updates, antiviruses, firewalls, etc.), the nature of an employees` presence in social networks while dealing with correspondence, utilizing instant communication programs, manipulating with removable media.